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What’s the vibration and noise of a steeper motor?

When the Tth stepper motor is in the no-load operation, it may vibrate violently under the 200PPS condition, and the phenomenon of out-of-step may occur. These abnormal phenomena are resulted from quality limitation in motor rotor. When the frequency of the motor rotation is running close to its natural frequency, it will vibrate. However, it is still solvable, and the proposed solutions are as follows:

1. Adjust the vibration distric——The motor’s operating frequency is not in the resonant scale.

2. Use subdivision drive scale——Reduce the load of the motor by dividing one task into several bearable tasks. When it goes half-step movement, the torque of the motor is 15% less than the full-step. Moreover, if we use the sine wave current control, the torque will decrease 30%.

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