Question:Why do you choose Sanjet Motor?

Because our profession deserves our trust. We focus on the R&D of micro motor. Sanjet always insists on starting from the customer's needs and providing competitive products and best solutions


Question:The main function of drain actuator

1. Under the control of the computer board or mechanical programmable equipment to open or close the drain valve to achieve the drainage or sealing action
2. Power the drain motor, power off and open it or close the drain valve at the same time drive the deceleration brake clutch arm through connecting arm, so that the brake band relax or to hold fast to the dehydration-axis, to prepare for the dewatering operation or brake.


Question:The vibration and noise of stepping motor

When th stepper motor is in the no-load operation, it may vibrate seriously when it comes to 200PPS, and even occurs the phenomenon of out-of-step. This is because the motor rotor is an object with quality. when the frequency of the motor rotation is running close to the natural frequency of the rotor, it will vibrates, the proposed solution are as follows:
1. Get rid of vibration distric
The motor operating frequency is not in the resonant scale
2. Use subdivision drive scale
Divide one step into several steps so as to release vibration. When it goes half-step movement, the torque of the motor is 15% less than the full-step. And if we use the sine wave current control, the torque will decrease 30%.


Question:What is your advantage?

The stepper motor is a kind of precise mechanism which directly transfer electrical pulse into the angular position. The size of the angle depends on the number of pulses. And it composes of a set of simple and low-cost open-loop control system with its supporting stepper motor drive device. The characteristics:
1.Precision position control
Determine the axis of rotation angle in accordance with the number of input pulses to.
2.Unlimited speed adjustment
Determine the speed of the shaft in accordance to the rated frequency of the output pulse
3.Forward and reverse rotation, emergency stop and lock function
Control the forward and reverse rotation by polar change. Maintaining the torque output when the motor is locked (Current exists in the motor coil while there is no output command of rotation pulse)
4.High precision control under the low speed rotation
With the low-frequency pulse input, the motor shaft still rotates slowly. Not having to rely on the gear box to adjust the drive, thus this way avoids the loss of power and the angular position deviation
5.Longer service life
No need to adjust the phase through the brush and the commutator like normal DC motors, thus reducing friction, increasing motor life.


Question:Whether we can provide speed torque curve / moment-frequency curve?

Please submit inquiries to let us know which products you are interested in. Our sales engineers will contact you as soon as possible and confirm whether the speed-torque curve / moment-frequency curve is available!